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React Redux Tutorials: React Redux Data Flow and Redux Lifecycle Methods With Examples

React Redux Data Flow and Redux Lifecycle Methods Overview What is Redux and why do we need Redux Redux is an open source JavaScript library which is designed for maintaining application state. Redux JS is a powerful and popular library nowadays. The command to install Redux library npm install redux --save . Nowadays JavaScript single-page applications are very popular and powerful. As the requirements for single-page applications have become complicated, our code must manage more state than ever before. This state can include server responses and cached data, as well as locally generated data that has not yet been persisted to the server. Front-end state is also increasing in complexity, as we need to manage active routes, selected tab, spinners, pagination controls etc. That's why we need Redux. click here to learn React Redux Architecture, folder structure. Three Principles of Redux: Changes are made with pure functions You write pure reducers to specify

React Redux Application Structure, Architecture and React Folder Structure Best Practices

React Redux Application Structure, Architecture and  React Folder Structure Best Practices: There some questions comes our mind when we are going to create a new react redux application structure from scratch. What folder structure should be followed especially when we are implementing a large react redux application . How to connect react with redux  What should be the naming convention of folder and react js files. What are the best practices of react redux project structure. The structure might be different for each of us but I am sharing the standard react redux application structure which is followed by most of the UI developers in IT industry. High Level React Redux Application Architecture There are many folders and files in above application screen shot, let discuss one by one. The application name is REACTWEBAPP and folders are config, public, script, server, src, reducers, sagas, store and package.json. Config: react redux application configurations

ReactJS Routing And Single Page Application Tutorial

React Router: ReactJS Single Page Application Why do we need React Router Nowadays single page application is the most popular. For making single page application, we need to react router. Single page application is very powerful and provides performance features as well. What is React Router React router is a library, it provides routing feature through which we can redirect from one page to another page. Mainly there are two types of routing. 1. Browser Specific routing: In general or e-commerce web application have browser routing and it helps in search engine optimization. npm command to install routing package npm install react-router --save . --save is used to save the package entry in project specific package.json file. import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from "react-dom"; import { Router, Route, Link, browserHistory, IndexRoute } from 'react-router'; import Home from './Home'; import About from './About'; import